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Tourist visa


Moroccan nationals require to obtain a visa to enter Argentine territory as a tourist.

The procedure is personal, and the applicant must submit the following original documentation to the Consular Section in order to begin the process:

  1. Valid passport with minimum validity of 6 months to the date of entry into the country, and at least one sheet (two pages) in white available. A color copy of the personal data sheet of the passport and of the visas present in it is also required.
  2. One (1) current photograph, 4x4cm, front, color, white background, without glasses or hat. Photo must not be adhered to the Visa Application Form.
  3. Full visa application form completed (preferably in electronic format) and signed by the applicant. Below you can download the form.
  4. Proof of economic solvency. This will imply, depending on the case, all or some of the following documentation: last six pay slips, credit card statements or bank account summaries of, at least, the last six months, title deed or lease contract, etc.
  5. Work certificate or labor reference note, duly legalized. It must describe the essential data of the employment relationship and contain the complete contact data that allow communication with the employer.
  6. Reservation of round trip tickets (it is strongly recommended not to purchase the tickets until the visa has been issued).
  7. Itinerary of travel and reservation of the hotel where the applicant will be lodged in Argentina or, as a substitute, letter of invitation that contains the signature of the invitee certified by public notary and legalized by the Association of Notaries. The format and content of the suggested letter can be consulted in this link.
  8. Travel insurance.
  9. Residence card (only in the case of foreigners residing in the Kingdom of Morocco).
  10. The tourist visa has a cost of USD 150. However, it is free for Moroccans.
  11. The consular interview is mandatory.

The preceding enumeration is not exhaustive and the consular authority may require supplementary or additional documentation, as considered appropriate.


To start the visa process, you must contact the Consular Representation by email (secon_emarr@mrecic.gov.ar) in order to arrange an appointment and coordinate the presentation of the documentation. The documentation must be sent digitally prior to its presentation in original at the Consulate for verification by the Consular authority. Once received, contact will be established to request additional information (if applicable) and to grant a Consular interview.

The visa process must be started at least three (3) weeks before the trip.

The visa interview, in which the applicant must present all the documentation, will be granted from Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

If all of your documents are accepted, your passport will be returned at least 4 days after the delivery of your visa application documents, from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

The granting of a visa does not automatically imply entry into the territory of the Argentine Republic. Immigration services may require other documents such as a credit card and/or a certain amount of cash upon arrival.

More information: https://cancilleria.gob.ar/en/services/visa/tourist-visa


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